Hive Equipment 3:




Beekeeping for dummies:

This book is American based, but it is a god learning tool for the new beekeeper it is full of important facts and ideas and is a great reference tool. A must for the beginner.


  Price $20.00





This book has been written by a victoran beekeeper and is very indepth and well reserched a must for all beekeepers librays. Has great pitcures and indepth explainations.





                                                                  PRICE $ 43.00              


Vents for lids:

The Vent is an important part of the hive as it allows air flow into the hive helping the bees to regulate their temp. If you lid doesn't have any two 18mm hole at each end and tack a vent over each hole to stop unwanted robbers or other pests.


  Price $1.00 each



Wire s/steel:

The stainless steel wire is the best for wiring the frames as it is strong and durable and takes the tension  a lot better for firmer wires.


500 gm Price $32.00

                                             250gm Price $14.00




Queen Excluders 10 frame

The queen excluders are made in Australia. they are strong and durable, they are galvanized for long wear and tear, easy to clean.


special  Price $ 17.00






Queen Excluders 8 frame:

The queen excluders are galvanized metal. They are Australian made, we only stock this type as they are strong and durable and last for years without any problems.


  Price $19.00


 Excluder Cleaner:


This tool is great to clean up your excluders with out the stress of worrying if the wires are spreading. quick and efficient ,a must have tool in your box.



                                                                                                               Price $ 15.00


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