Hive Equipment 2:




Bee brush NYLON:

This bee brush is made of nylon and is very good, they need to be wet for best use, and cleaned after each use with warm water. must be stored flat and dry.


  Price $14.00


Bee brush HORSE HAIR:

This bee brush is of a better standard and tolerates a bit of heat as you use the smoker with it, it also is best used wet and must be stored flat and dry.

  Price $16.00



Bee Feeder Lagre:

This large bee syrup feeder is great to keep the food upto the bees through the lean times. It holds about 2.75 to 3 lt of liqiud. fully groved so  the bees can grip to the sides and only takes up one frame space.


                                                       Price $ 16.00


Bee Bottle Feeder:

Easy no mess. Attach a bottle up to a 1.25 empty drink bottle fill with sugar syrup and eassy to watch for when they need topping back up.



                                                Price $ 5.00  


Comb Scratcher:

The comb scratcher is great for first starting with your honey, it is able to get where a uncapping knife is unable to get, in the first seasons they are great to start with.


  Price $16.00 



  Polyester Emlocks :

These emlocks are great for transporting hives they wont rust or kink to fit up to a 3 box hive .






                                                       Price  $14.50



Hive Closure's:

The hive closure is universal to all hives comes with a extra piece of riser to put in the entrance and you just need a screw and a couple of small nails. great for traveling hives around.

  Price $4.00





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