Foundations and frames:




full depth wax foundation

the wax foundation is Australian made and is weed processed it is of high quality and has about 15 sheets to the kilo as an average.

Price $3.20 each





full depth plastic frame and foundation :

this plastic frame and foundation is made in new zealand. It  is sturdy and can go in any part of the hive with a thin coat of wax the bees don't seem to mind the difference.



  Price $5.00



Wooden frames:

these frames are Australian made, they are sturdy and easy to assemble they need to be wired and wax foundation added then they are ready to go


  Price $2.00



  Ideal frames:

These arre Australian frames, they are sturdy and easy to assemble, they need to be wired and foundationed.




                                                      Price $ 2.00




wooden frames with bottom groove and plastic sheet foundation:

these frames are made In Queensland from hoop pine and are to go with the plastic foundation, sold as a set.


  Price $4.50



Wooden Frames complete:  

These frames are full frame and are complete wired and foundation


  Price $ 9.50




  Ideal frames complete:

These frames are hand built and wired  with foundation.



                                        Price $ 9.00


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