Hive Equipment 1:




Metal Beetle Traps:

These Australian made beetle traps are totaly reusable. they can take oil or the diatomaceous earth



                                                       Price $ 10.00




American pattern hive tool:

The American hive tool has a right angle end it is great for scraping the tops of frames and levering the boxes open and general use in the hive.


  Price $17.00


Australian pattern hive tool:

The Australian tool is great for hooking out frames and the flat end is also good for scraping down the frames this tool is a must for your equipment box.

  Price $14.50 



Australian Smoker

the smoker is made in Queensland and is made by a family run business, they are of excellent quality and are a standard size they will go for hours when packed tight are good for the small beekeeper to commercial beekeeper. we only stock this as we think these are the best and last for years. replacement parts available.  

  Price $82.00 



This embeder is great for putting wax on to to the wires. It is used by attaching the clips to a 12 or 6 volt battery  the em bedder works by being placed along the wire with the wax underneath on a wiring board the leaver is pressed and the circuit is completed. you must be quick or your may melt the wax to much and it will split. comes with aligator clips.

  Price $ 38.00


Eyelet tool:

The eyelet tool is used for placing eyelets in the frames they are the right size for the eyelet and you can load up the sleeve and gently push the eyelets into the holes

SPECIAL PRICE    Price $9.00 




    Medium Smoker:

  This smoker has a large size to its chamber,os great for all beekeepers, has a hook to hang from a box to enable the use of both hands.

                                                  Price $ 59.50


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