Honey equipment:




Honey gates:

The honey gate is great attached to a large drum for holding bulk extracted honey and you can skim the bulk of the wax off the top then let the clean wax thought the gate. and filter it into another bucket. they make the process of bottling honey so much easier.

This is a 4cm honey gate made of plastic.   

  Price $17.00 


Double strainer:

This strainer is made of stainless steel and is great for fine filtering your honey. The two filters are good, you can take the top one off to wash it as it catches  the bulk of the wax. Tip if you scoop the main part off the top of you honey the filters wont get clogged as easily,

  Price $45.50 


  Stainless Steel Honey Drum 55lt:

  This well made drum would be a great addition to any honey room, comes with a metal honey gate for great durability.






                                                Price $ 160.00





We stock 3 frame extractors at this stage but we are able to order them in if you require one.

they are available in 3 frame and 4 frame models and in manual and electric models.


NOW IN STOCK     Price $ 390.00 3 frame











 Capping Extraction Bag:

 These bags are great for getting the last of the honey from your cappings. Just place in the extractor(if using one bag) with a small amount .If using two place equal amount in each bag and spin gently to extract excess honey out. cappings can then be melted down and reused.






                                                             Price $ 20.00




20 Lt pail with gate:

This pail is great for storing honey ready to bottle, the gate is great for bottling. Or just storing honey. comes with a yellow lid.




  Price $45.00 





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