Front entrance Bee Feeder :

This feeder is great for feeding your bees without entering the hive.

Just screw on a softdrink bottle (1.25lt) and slide in the doorway entrance. you are able to check levels at a distance and change when the bees are in for the day.  


                                               Price for 1 $ 5.00 

                                               Price for 2 $ 9.50



Queen cell caps :

These cups are used for the grafting of queen larvae or eggs during the queen rearing process.





                                   Price each  $0.20

                                  Price per 20  $3.70




  Queen Grafting Tool :

 This plastic grafting tool is light a nd easy to manage. It is softer on the grafting and more giving transplanting the eggs to the cell cups.



                         Price per each  $ 4.20

                          Price per two  $ 8.00


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