Swarm Equipment:


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  Swarm Commander Gel 1oz:

  This is a great product for attracting swarms, a couple of drops in the hive and in the door way. Bottle lasts for ages.








                                                         Price $36.00





    Swarm Commander vials:

  The Lures are convenient for a couple of applications.

  Avaliable in a % pack or individual vials.




                                                5 pack Price   $15.00

                                                 1 piece Price $ 3.50


  Swarm Commander Spray 2oz Bottle:

  This spray works the same as the gel, Spray onto the top of a couple of frames and in the corner of the doorway. Reapply as needed.







                                                                Price $ 45.00






Swarm Commander Super Lure:

Just hang in your bait hive is good for upto 90 days.












                                                 Price $ 20.00




  Swarm Box Complete:

This easy to manuver box is great to catch swarms in easy to hold onto and light. Comes with 5 frames complete with foundation ready to go.







                                           Price $ 75.00




Swarm box : 

  This box is light and versitile to cart around in the back of the car ready to go at anytime, it takes up to 5 frames. great to get any nuc going.












                                           Price $ 25.00


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